Examples of Resistance Welding Techniques Applied to the Creative Arts

All the welded constructions below were fabricated with resistance spot welding equipment.


Honecomb Platinum Vessel

Over 2500 individual welds  to fabricate

5.3 oz 90% Platinum 10% Iridium 6 x 7 inches (152.4 X 177.8 mm)

 Award Winning Platinum Bowl

Bernie Wire was awarded for both design and craftsmanship by the 11th Annual International Platinum Design Contest Tokyo, Japan 1986. The was only pieces accepted to the competition from North America where it toured Japan for one year.


Inspired by working with aerospace titanium honeycomb materials, over 25,000 individual welds were required to fabricate this one of a kind platinum honeycomb vessel. Once the 11 inch platinum honeycomb circle was completed it was formed and hammered to collapse the honeycomb giving it a texture of woven fabric.


Titanium Bangle Bracelet
Titanium Bangle Bracelet
Titanium Bangle Bracelet

Titanium Bracelet

Niobium Pendant - Welded Construction
Niobium Roman Chain  - Welded Construction
Niobium, Tantalum Titanium Brooch

Niobium Pendant

Niobium Roman Chain

Niobium, Tantalum Titanium Brooch

Tantalum, Niobium Earring

Silver, Titanium Earrings

Titanium Pendant

Niobium Earrings

Niobium Earring

Surfing Stickfigure - Titanium Pendant

Titanium Brooch

Example of electro riviting
Titanium Bolo Tie
Titanium Arrowhead Pendant

Titanium Bolo, Two Niobium wires were welded to the back of this titanium bolo and hammered to rivet finding in place.

Titanium Pendant.

Ritual Tendency made from Titanium Tantalum & Cocobolo wood

Titanium Pendant.

Titanium Pendant.

Niobium & Tantalum Earring
Argentium & Titanium Earrings
Titanium Pemdant

Ritual Tendency

Titanium, Tantalum & Cocobolo wood

5 x 5 x 3.75 inches

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